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Tiger-Rock Signage Options

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Procedures for Ordering New Signage


Below is a little checklist of the steps needed to get your new signage order, installed and ready for business.




  • Give us an idea of where the sign is going. A straight on photo or architectural rendering of the elevation(s) needing A measurement is also needed so we can provide proper scale.
  • We need landlord criteria and approval. Most landlords will provide you with their accepted sign regulations which will define what type of signage is allowable at your location. Often shopping plazas only allow letters of certain height, fabricated a certain way, and installed in a specific manner, so we want to make sure our proposed signage is accepted. We can work directly with your landlord/management company, just provide us with the contact info.

  • What is the color of your fascia? If a raceway is required, your landlord should be able to provide us with a PMS (pantone matching system) or dryvit color of the fascia for paint matching.

  • We will need to pull city permits. G&R Graphix will be able to help you in determining what type and area of signage allowed by city code and assist in pulling necessary permits. Charges can vary with each municipality, so this cost will be added to the final pricing with no mark up by us.

  • We will need to coordinate installation. If your business location is currently under construction, we’ll need your contractor information so that we can avoid and installation problems. We will coordinate with shipping and your local installation companies, making the process as easy as possible for you





    In your proposal, we will define a price for the sign and installation along with an estimate of variable costs (permits, shipping, local taxes). We will provide the sign and coordinate the installation of the sign for you. We will work with a local installer agreeing to meet the specifications we have outlined to protect the integrity of the Tiger Rock image for permitting and installation of your signage.


    Permit issues and landlord approvals are part of the work we undertake and coordinate for you. Most of these costs will be covered by our proposal, however unexpected hurdles or the need to seek variances may result in unanticipated costs. If there are extra costs, we will present them to you before proceeding.


    All signage will be shipped to you COD (Cash On Delivery). We will assist in getting bids from local installation companies to get the fairest price possible for the installation of your signage. We will also set up the installation of your signage at your location. You will be responsible for paying the installation company to their agreed terms. You are also responsible for the electrical hookup of your signage, with you hiring the electrician of your choice and paying their company to their agreed terms.




    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Gabe Morrison at G&R Graphix by email at [email protected] or in the office at (402) 601-2042.